Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Slow progress

Regular readers of the blog will have noticed that I've not managed to play very many new courses this year and they may be wondering whether I'll ever get the rest of them played. I'd planned to do the remainder in 2015 but it's just not worked out due to a variety of caddying work, holiday and other commitments and a health issue that's grown in recent months.

This is a blog about golf, not health issues, so I'll keep it short.  I'd noticed over the summer that I was sometimes getting neck and shoulder pains when caddying and that I was getting tired rather than just walking around courses as normal.  The bottom line is that I'll be having major heart surgery very soon, so all being well I'll be back caddying and playing golf by next Spring.  I'll also be getting back to the challenge of trying to play every course we know about, but I doubt whether I'll get any more done before the surgery. 

Weather permitting I'm still playing a couple of times a week at Dunbar GC (my second club) and at the Glen GC and not worrying about the future.  There's clearly a heart problem that needs to be addressed but worrying certainly won't help. What will be, will be.  I'm just looking forward to the recovery process! This is one of my favourite holes, the famous 13th at the Glen GC. Hopefully, I'll be back there in the Spring. In the meantime, Season's Greetings to all my blog readers, everywhere.