Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Culcrieff GC Par 3 Course - Course no 388

I played here on 29 March 2011 after my round over the main Culcrieff course.  The Par 3 course has only 5 holes, totalling 502 yards, Par 15.  This is a view of the 97 yards downhill 1st hole.  This is really only a beginner's course, but don't go thinking it's a pushover.  The holes are all short ranging from 84 to 125 yards, but the greens are tiny, with those on holes 1-4 sloping down away from the tee.  Accordingly, it looked as though it would be unwise to try to hit any of these greens directly from the tee.  That's my excuse anyway for under-clubbing and failing to hold any of the greens in "regulation".  At least my pitching was up to the mark, as I scored 3,4, 3, 3, 3 to go round in 16, or 1 over par, with only 6 putts.   The greens were super-slick compared to the main course. 

The best hole was probably this, the 5th, an uphill 103 yards.  Anything too big here ends up in the car park or runs down the road.  The Par 3 course is also overlooked by the nearby clubhouse windows, just to the right of this shot, so this is not the place to make a mistake.  Thankfully, my wedge stopped in the fringe of grass between the green and the hedge behind and a good lob wedge left me a tap in.

A good wee course for beginners, though.

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