Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Brora Pitch and Putt Course - Course no 537

We'd stayed overnight at the excellent Pennylands Guest House in Thurso (highly recommended and very golfer-friendly!) before our trip to Stroma.  The owner is a member at Royal Dornoch and a mad-keen golfer, full of local golfing knowledge, who told us about the existence of a short pitch and putt course at Brora.  Polly and I had played the excellent links course at Brora (yet another James Braid gem), some years ago but I'd completely forgotten about the 3-hole pitch and putt course between the 1st tee on the links course and Brora Harbour.  I'd booked to stay overnight in Nairn after our expoits on Stroma on 3 September 2012, so it was only a short diversion to check out the 2nd Brora course.
The 3 holes making up the Brora Pitch and Putt course are roughly 45, 65 and 55 yards, making this a 165 Yard Par 9 course.  Some purists (for lack of a better word) might argue that this is not a real golf course, but there are fixed tees and greens for the purpose of playing golf.  Two of these Brora holes are longer than the 12th at Craggan Golf Course and I haven't heard anyone that's worth listening to on the subject of golf courses claiming that that's not a proper course.
Anyway, I played this little course on 3 September 2012 in little over 10 minutes, scoring 3, 4 (I missed the green!) and 3 for a gross 10, with 5 putts. Here are some views of the course, with apologies for the poor camera work - wrong setting, rather than approaching darkness!

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