Friday, 25 October 2013

Balnagask 9 Hole Pitch and Putt Course - Course no 627

Coby and I played this little course on 24 October 2013 immediately after our round over the 18 Hole links course at Balnagask. Although this is referred to as a pitch and putt course, the holes range from 64 to 145 yards, so full shots are definitely required on most holes.  The course is laid out on land that became available as a consequence of the re-modelling of the 18 Hole course in 1976. This little course is ideal for general practice and for giving youngsters a first start in the game, without the potentially intimidating pressures of playing alongside adults on the bigger course.  As with most other short courses, the greens are pretty small and difficult to hold, so although all of the holes are Par 3s, the course isn't as easy as it looks.  Indeed, we both took bogey 4s on this the 104 Yard 1st hole.

The course runs from the Stater's Hut out towards The Battery, a formidable defensive fortification from Napoleonic times, before turning back towards the Torry district of Aberdeen. The course also provides great close-up views of the Harbour and at 1010 Yards, Par 27 is ideal for a quick warm-up before playing the bigger course or just lunchtime etc. practice.  Coby works next door to the course, lucky man!  

Here are some general views of some of the holes and the adjacent Aberdeen Harbour.

I managed a birdie at the 93 Yard 2nd hole, but that was as good as it got, since a few further bogeys took me to a gross 31, 4 over par, with 16 putts. A good little course.  Thanks again to Coby for his excellent hospitality, friendship and a very generous contribution towards our Cancer Research UK fund-raising efforts.  Hopefully, we'll see each other again as the challenge to play every course in Scotland continues.


  1. Well... once I learned a few simple secrets I'm about to share with you... I quickly added 50 to 70 yards on my golf articles. I also started pitching and chipping with amazing accuracy... sinking putts from 25 and 30 feet out.

  2. Sadly enough, it would seem that SportAberdeen are planning to close the par-3 course at Balnagask, apparently to save money. Not a good day for those wanting to encourage participation by kids in the sport! Glad you got to play it, Alan, while you could.

    1. Shame. Housing, no doubt, with good views out to sea and over the harbour! Lots of courses barely hanging on and doubtless will close in due course.