Friday, 1 August 2014

Lanark Loch Pitch and Putt Course - Course no 650

This is another of the obscure pitch and putt courses that are to be found around Scotland and which, whilst pretty basic, still count as golf courses so far as Craig, Stu and I are concerned. This is a 9 Hole parkland Pitch and Putt course in the grounds of the Lanark Loch Public Park in the town of Lanark.  The holes are each around 50-70 yards long and are set out on a small and moderately hilly plot of land adjacent to the Loch.  The greens vary between  approximatley 100 - 200 square feet and are amongst the smallest I've found on my travels - and amongst the slowest. The course as a whole is cut to a reasonable first cut of rough length.  The greens are also cut on steep slopes, which probably explains why they are also cut a lot longer than might normally be expected.  Putting was a bit of a joke really, but with the course so short and the grass so long, an easy pitch anywhere near the green was enough to scramble a par, with either another short chip or a couple of putts.  I actually holed a 4 foot putt for a birdie on the 4th, so my round was 26 gross, with 13 putts.

The Lanark Loch Course is also next door to the excellent Lanark GC and there's a footpath that connects the course to the car park of Lanark GC.  I recommend you give Lanark GC a try sometime, as it's a great 18 hole heathland course in my humble opinion.  Whether you'd want to stroll down the footpath to play this pitch and putt course is rather more debatable, but for the very few others who are trying to play every course they can find in Scotland, this little course will have to be played.  In truth, it's pretty uninspiring, but at least it's done, and I'm one nearer my final target. Here are some other photos of the Lanark Loch Course.  Note the size of the 5th green in the first photo.  For scale, the flag is around 5 feet high!

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