Monday, 12 July 2010

Oldmeldrum GC - course no 323

Craig, Stu and I played at Oldmeldrum GC at 0930 on 8 July 2010. The timing is significant as my 2 intrepid chums had driven up from Edinburgh and played the excellent 18 holer at nearby Kemnay before meeting me and the 3 of us plus Polly were due to play at Meldrum House GC later in the day. It was going to be a long day. Craig and Stu were understandably tired already and I was beginning to feel the effects of all of the games I'd had in recent days. This is us near the first tee at Oldmeldrum, ready for yet another new course. Oldmeldrum was a super parkland course, in excellent condition and, thankfully, easy walking. At 5683 yards, par 70, Oldmeldrum is not long, but we thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought it was a refreshing contrast from the faster running links courses I'd been playing so far on this trip.

My own golf was pretty indifferent. 45 out, 44 back, for an inglorious net 79, or 9 over net par. The course was in great condition, with well manicured fairways and fast running greens. Truth be told, none of us could master the subtleties of the greens and I also had trouble with club selection. For example, here at the 172 yard par 3 11th hole, I tried to improvise with my trusty 7 wood, rather than take a 6 or 7 iron. This hole is aptly named "Dinna Duff" (Jay - "don't mishit") as there is water both in front and behind the green. The tee said 172, but there was a blustery wind and my ball didn't even land before the 14th tee, some 20 yards beyond the green. The 14th is called "Groaner" and as I'd nearly hit the 3 senior members on that tee, maybe the name derives from such an incident. My apologies (again!) to the gents involved. Another double bogey on the card!

By the time we'd got to the 18th, a strong wind had got up and was straight into our faces. This is the view from the tee. the last is Stroke Index 7 and although only 309 yards, is a dangerous little hole. There's out of bounds on the left and the clubhouse is only 190 yards from the tee. The 1st and 18th fairways are shared, so with a 3-ball on the fairway, out of bounds to the left, a steeply downhill shot into the wind and around 20 guys hanging around the clubhouse for a competition that was already underway, we'd not much to aim at. Craig hit a magnificent drive, splitting the fairway well beyond the clubhouse and had only a short pitch to the green. I gave myself a bogey after a cautious approach (trying not to land an insurance claim, as I'd already hit a sh--- earlier in the round). Stu was equally cautious and we wondered later how many scorecards (and clubhouse windows!) had been wrecked on this closing hole. Oldmeldrum is well worth a visit and was fun to play, but take extra care on the 18th.

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