Monday, 12 July 2010

Peterhead GC 9 Hole Course - course no 318

I played the 9 hole course at Peterhead after lunch on 5 July 2010. Polly had decided, wisely as it turned out, to read her book in the clubhouse. The 9 hole course is primarily for beginners, juniors and general practice and measures 2178 yards, par 31. Indeed, juniors are not allowed on the main course unless accompanied by an adult or have a handicap of 12 or less. The junior I met on the 1st tee thought this was an excellent idea and he liked the progress he was making on the short course, both in terms of scoring and club selection. We agreed that the best hole on the course was this, the short 3rd, a tricky uphill 140 yard par 3. The ground falls away to the left, with a water hazard in the middle of the short fairway and heavy rough to the right. I also liked the 4th, a downhill 171 yard par 3, played over heavy rough with AOB behind the green. My young playing partner boldly took an 8 iron and put his ball on the green. With a blustery wind to contend with, I missed long and left, narrowly avoiding a bunker and the AOB and lost the hole with a bogey.
By now, it was clear that it was raining all around us and if we wanted to stay dry, we'd better step up the pace. We got as far as the 8th, where this ominously wet and dark cloud awaited us. The 9th was a 191 downhill par 3 with AOB on the left. I did it in par, inside 2 minutes, but still got a good soaking! I'd gone round in 37 in something just over an hour. This wee course is an excellent practice facility for all ages and it was nice to see the juniors being encouraged so positively, with their "own" course and scorecard.

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