Thursday, 22 March 2012

a moving target....

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that our list of courses keeps creeping up as our research and trips to various courses throw up new additions.  We started on 625 and we're now on 641.....and counting! Occasionally it's just finding a par 3 course attached to a known 18 hole course, such as the one I found when playing at Brighouse Bay recently.  On other occasions, reading new websites can throw up new course names.  A couple of days ago I stumbled on a site dedicated to celebrating 9 hole courses.  Nothing new in the courses covered, I thought, until I came across a reference to a free course in Shetland. 

Free golf usually gets my undivided attention anyway, but on Shetland?  We'd been up there last year and played the Whalsay course (the most northerly course in Scotland), the Shetland GC course just outside Lerwick and the uniquely reversible Asta courses.  A great trip, but expensive.  Shetland is a long long way from Edinburgh and involves a flight or a long overnight ferry journey.  A great place to visit, but surely there isn't a free course that we'd missed on our trip?  I'd been to Shetland umpteen times on business over the past 12 years or so, without seeing or hearing about this course, so I sent an e-mail today to Shetland Islands Council in the hope they could give me some background.  Sure enough, Magnus from the Council e-mailed me within the hour to advise that yes, the 9-hole  pitch and putt course on the Knab in Lerwick will be open this year between May and late August.  I guess we'll leave a second trip to sometime next year, but Shetland's really a great place, so we're not really complaining.  I'm just hoping that in the near future we'll finally have identified all of the courses we need to play!

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