Wednesday, 7 November 2012

King's Links 6 Hole Golf Course - Course no 555

Craig, Stu and I had been tempted to play this little course between our recent rounds at Royal Aberdeen GC's 2 separate courses.  I'm glad we didn't try, since we'd have missed our second round at RAGC.  We'd thought that this was just a pitch and putt course but it's actually a 1273 Yard Par 21 course, albeit slightly less links' like than the full 18 Hole King's Links Course.  The 6 Hole Course is good for beginners and for general practice and runs parallel to some of the main course's holes.  Access to the course is a kilometre down the road from the Starter's Box for the King's Course and there's a pay machine (£3.30 a round) near the 1st tee, behind the local cat and dog home.  We're not talking Augusta here!
I played here on 6 November 2012 after my adventures around the King's Links Course,  The 6 Hole Course is not the prettiest of courses as these photos of the 4th and 5th holes suggest, but it was in decent condition, using the full greens and permanent tees.

There was no scorecard at all this time (another item for the management company to address) but these are the yardages from the tee boxes and my scores on each hole.
Hole       Yardage     Par    Score    Putts
1                 138           3          4         2
2                 307           4          4         2
3                 196           3          4         1
4                 140           3          2         0
5                  242          4          5         3
6                  250          4          5         2
Totals         1273        21        24       10
I've played it once but I doubt I'd ever want to do so again.


  1. Hi Alan,

    This is a great blog, these little courses are really interesting. A pay machine behind a cat and dog's home?! These kind of things must get overlooked all the time, I wonder if there are any diamonds in the rough. Have you ever visited Hereford for golf? They have some pretty good courses, you should check out if you're ever in the area, a very nice course that not many people know about.

    1. Thanks Pat. The pay machine dishes out what appeared to be parking tickets! There are indeed some real oddities around. How about a 2nd hole that doubles as part of a football pitch (Falkland GC) or a course on an island uninhabited since 1962 (Stroma)? Never played much golf in England apart from around Alnwick in Northumberland, but you never know....

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  3. Jack - exactly my point. It's good to play the big courses but some of the most satisfying rounds I've had have been on the shorter and low cost courses with only the odd skylark to disturb the peace. Too many folk also turn their noses up at 9 hole courses in Scotland, not realising what they're missing e.g. Durness, Scarista, etc.

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