Friday, 30 November 2012

Turnberry GC - Pitch and Putt Course - Course no 558

With the sun already ominously low on the horizon and the air temperature plummeting, I'd just about enough time on 28 November 2012 to squeeze in a speedy round over the 12 Hole Pitch and Putt course that's laid out in front of the world famous Turnberry Hotel on the other side of the road from the Turnberry GC's clubhouse.

There was no scorecard available, but the course length was no more than 600 yards or so, with an average hole length of about 50 yards and a total Par of 36.  I'd only taken my 60 degree lob wedge and putter and with the sun sinking fast, time was of the essence.  This course is extremely short, but accuracy is vital, as the greens are tiny and invariably well protected by little pot bunkers.

Here are some views of the course, namely the uphill 2nd (with the imposing Turnberry Hotel in the background), the 3rd and the downhill 8th (both with the Turnberry GC clubhouse in the background) .

This little course was good fun.  I went round in 40 gross, with 21 putts and was only in 1 bunker, thank goodness.  I'll take a net 32.7 any time.  It had been a long day and I still had a 3 hour drive home - but at least I'd be sitting down!
Thanks again to Ricky Hall, the Senior Pro at Turnberry, for all of his help on the day and for his warm welcome, which made me feel right at home.  What a great, great place to play your golf.

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