Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Camperdown Golf Course - Pitch and Putt Course - Course no 578

When I played the excellent 18 Hole parkland Camperdown Golf Course in Dundee on 9 January 2012 (see this Blog entry no 466) I saw that there was also a 9 Hole Pitch and Putt Course within Camperdown Park.  Unfortunately, that little course is only open during the Summer months, so I'd clearly have to make another trip.  I finally got to play the Pitch and Putt Course early on 9 June 2013 en route to a trip with Craig and Stu to play the course on Fair Isle.  There is no scorecard for this short course, but I reckoned that each of the holes were around 100-110 Yards.  Overall, the course is around 950 Yards, Par 27 and appeared to be used for casual play for families and beginners or short game practice rather than for more serious golf.  However, if you were playing the 18 Hole Course, a stroll around the Pitch and Putt Course would be a reasonable warm-up.  Just don't take it too seriously, since the greens won't do much for your game.  They were distinctly long, slow and bumpy when I played the course and it looked as though they were kept that way to save wear and tear on the course and minimise maintenance.  
For the record, I went round in 30 Strokes with 12 putts in little over half an hour.  Here are a few photos of the course, such as it is.

My lasting memory of this little course will be of the huge adjacent car park, able to take 250 or more cars.  I'd finished by 1030 on a Sunday morning and the car park was no more than 20% full (golfers playing the bigger course and families enjoying the park).  I'd parked in a quiet spot leaving a parking space between me and another car.  I'd left my shoes beside the closed driver's door and was busy putting my clubs into the boot when some idiot decided to try to squeeze her car between my car the one parked next to me on her way to another space in a couple of rows in front, not noticing that to do so would mean running over my shoes.  Sure enough, the shoes got trampled.  An elderly lady emerged from her car and slowly struggled into her own golf shoes, completely oblivious to what had happened.  No great damage was done, but why it was necessary for her to attempt that manoeuvre still escapes me when there were so many easier routes to her chosen space.  I didn't say anything.  There was no point.

I'd been hoping to play the 18 Hole course again sometime but that will have to wait, as I'd places to go and friends to meet.

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