Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Caird Park GC 9 Hole Course - Course No 391

 I played the 9 Hole Course at Caird Park on 5 April 2011 after my round over the 18 Hole Course.   The 9 Hole course measures 1758 yards, Par 29 and has clearly been designed for beginners and general practice.  This course is actually quite tricky and not quite what I'd been expecting.  Fair enough, the opening hole, a narrow 265 yards, has been made a Par 4.  Even so, it was played into the strong head wind I'd experienced earlier in the day, so I was happy enough with an opening bogey.  Worse still, the 2nd, a 235 yard Par 3 with OOB on the left and a narrow entrance to the green, again into the wind, was a really tough test.  I nailed a driver but was still short, so another bogey, even with a single putt.  This is a view of the 5th, a 199 yard Par 3  with a particularly small green with OOB close behind it.  Not too tricky, you might think, but the tee shot is completely blind from an elevated tee.  I hit a 3 iron (there's a first time for everything as this is usually carried for no apparent reason) just short, but a good par. 

This is the 7th a 167 yard Par 3.  The wind was blowing from the right, taking the tree out of play, but in other circumstances this could be really tricky hole.  The greens were small enough to leave short putts, so although I didn't hit a single green in regulation, I'd only 11 putts in total.  I'd gone round in 32, or 3 over par, in around 50 minutes. 

A good practice course and a reasonably good score.

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