Friday, 12 March 2010

Bishopshire GC - course no 263

I played this very hilly course on 12 March 2010, hard on the heels of Cupar that morning and Langholm the day before. Known as "Coronary Hill" to some members, it was even hillier than those others and somewhat to my dismay, I had to play the 9 holes twice. Bishopshire plays to 2017 yards and a par of 32 off the yellow tees, but there are separate tees for the 3rd and 12th, which play to 92 and 109 yards respectively, so the back 9 holes are different to the front 9, making Bishopshire an 18 hole course under the course definitions that Craig, Stu and I play to. This is a view down the spectacular 4th/13th hole, with Loch Leven in the background. This hole is allegedly 385 yards but plays far longer, despite the slope. I took 6 both times, after 2 poor drives and 2 lost balls.

Below is a view from the 6th/15th tee, with the 5th green in the foreground. The 6th/15th green turned out to be hidden behind the large mound, requiring a solid 4 iron tee shot both times. The 7th/16th is almost as daunting as 4/13. I managed a bogey and a par, then slogged my way back up the hill, again, to play 8/17 surely the smallest and narrowest permanent green I've played for ages. I managed par both times, but it was with some relief that I finished the 18 holes. I'd forgotten to put a water bottle in the bag, so I blame it on dehydration. I'd gone round in 78, less 11, for a net 67, or 3 over net par. The views are superb, but as I've said before, for every spectacular view there is a climb. As one of the local members said to me after the round, Bishopshire is pretty hilly, but dedicated voluntary effort keeps the course going for the village as a whole. It must be hard work keeping the course in such good condition, as I thought the course was in great nick.

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