Thursday, 25 March 2010

Kames Golf Course - course no 268

This is the shorter of the 2 courses at Kames Country Club and at only 3394 yards, par 62, looked to be pretty easy. However, it is quite hilly and accuracy off the tee is essential at most of the holes. The Kames Course is also more moorland in nature, lying on land above the bigger course. The greenkeeper had just cut and rolled the greens and although they didn't look 100%, the roll was very true, hence my 5 single putts in the front 9, to go out in 36. This is the 9th, a good 111 yard par 3. The pheasant to the right of the green, was, however, the only birdie I was to get all day! I particularly liked the 11th, another very short hole of only 91 yards. However, the hole is built in a fire break within pine woods, so absolute accuracy is needed, as the view from the tee suggests. I managed a good 3, but what a scary little hole! I managed a gross 70, net 59 and had a great time, despite being a wee bit tired due to the hills and having played the longer Mouse Valley course earlier. If there's a better short 18 hole course in Scotland, I've yet to see it. I loved this course, a great companion to Mouse Valley.
Over a Diet Irn Bru (honest!) in the bar, the Pro told me he'd once had a putt for a gross 59 at the Clober course. He'd told himself not to be short, but had over hit the ball so much it went off the end of the green into a bush, turning a lifetime best score into a 63 and losing the chance of winning. A sad tale that led me to think that it's not just us amateurs who do daft things on golf courses. The difference, is, I suspect, that we're not as good at learning lessons. Overall, this was the best day's off-season golf I'd had for a long time. I hope to play both courses again (and again!)

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