Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Leitfie Links Golf Course - course no 270

Leitfie Links is the smaller of the 2 courses at the Strathmore Golf Centre and at 1666 yards, is a 9 holes par 29. It's not a links course, being set in Perthshire countryside, but that apart, it's great fun. I played it on 29 March 2010 after playing the adjacent Rannaleroch course. Leitfie looked to be a particularly good course for beginners, such as the 2 somewhat elderly ladies I caught up with. They really were hacking about, but they were enjoying themselves and good on them for trying. This is a view of the 5th, an 83 yard flick with a sand iron (and a wedge out of the trees behind!) I managed a par with a superb wedge to within 6 inches but I guess there must be a simpler way to play the hole. If I ever play it again, I'll maybe try to avoid thinning a sand wedge 110 yards to within a few feet of the course boundary.

My favourite hole was this, the 9th, an uphill par 3 of 110 yards that plays slightly longer.
I ended up with a bogey and went round in 33, but the highlight of the day was still to come. The 9th green is to the side of the 1st tee and I'd found an old discarded ball between the green and that tee, about 10 feet in front and outside of the 1st tee markers. There was no-one around and I couldn't resist one last shot, so out came the wedge. The 1st hole is 117 yards downhill, so a solid shot was required. I didn't really line the shot up very carefully, but a full swing and away it went, straight for the hole. A couple of bounces, a roll, and in it went. I've still never had a hole in one, nor would that shot have led to one. Even had I played it from the tee, it might have ended up 10 feet past the hole, but such are the daft things that happen on golf courses!

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