Saturday, 3 August 2013

I've been busy....

It's been a hectic past few weeks since my game at Kingarrock.  I'd an intensive spell caddying in the week before and during the Open Championship, including seeing some world famous golfing names close up.  I needed a break as I was both mentally and physically tired out after caddying in some of the hottest and most humid days we've had in this part of Scotland for some years.  If your local TV coverage of the Open Championship made it look as though the courses around Muirfield were bone dry and the weather was stiflingly hot, they'd have got it right.  Polly and I had certainly planned a break after the Open, but maybe a week long trek around Aberdeenshire to play 15 new courses wasn't the most obvious option.  We'd planned this trip for a few months, but we'd set ourselves a punishing schedule.  We got back a couple of hours ago, but I'll not start writing up detailed reports until tomorrow at the earliest.  A beer or 3 beckons, followed by watching Tiger's exploits in his latest tournament.  

For now, I'll just list the new courses that I've played -

Lumphanan GC
Deeside GC - both courses
Kippie Lodge - a private course
Kintore GC
Newmacher GC - the Hawkshill Course
Torphins GC 
Aboyne Loch - all 3 courses
Trump International Scotland course
Paul Lawrie Golf Centre Course

That takes the total number of courses I've played to 609 and weather permitting I'm off to play a private course on 6 August, just before another intensive caddying spell starts later next week.  Little wonder another pair of golf shoes have probably seen their last fairways!

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