Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Melville Golf Centre - Practice Course - Course no 613

This is a 4 hole Par 3 practice course attached to the driving range and 9 Hole course at the Melville Golf Centre just south of Edinburgh on the main A7 road.  I'd played the 9 Hole course in February 2010 (see Course 249).  Polly had bought some new clubs so we both went to the Melville driving range on 21 August 2013 so that she could practice with them.

The practice course has 4 Par 3 holes of around 70 yards each, located behind the driving range.  The greens were very poor, with very little grass and being so small, it was difficult to keep the ball on any green and even more difficult to putt.  This is the 2nd hole, played downhill towards the driving range. I managed to score par, par, bogey, bogey thanks to the awful greens.  It's really surprising that the greens on this little course were so awful, since to the left of this picture there's a lovely looking practice putting green. I've no idea why the greens should be so bad.

I've played this little course for the purposes of our golf course challenge but I'll definitely not bother to play it again.


  1. Hi, you should have played the 9 hole Melville Golf Course over the road which is part of the same venue. It has excellent USGA greens.

  2. I've actually played this course, as an earlier blog shows. I'd agree with you regarding the greens. Excellent and a good little course overall.