Sunday, 4 August 2013

Kippie Lodge Golf Course - Course no 603

This is a private course on the outskirts of Aberdeen within the grounds of the Kippie Lodge Sports and Country Club, owned and operated by the Aberdeen Petroleum Club.  A big thanks go to the club for allowing me to play here, as the course is not normally open to non-members. The golf course is moderately hilly and the layout is good, without being severely challenging.  I played here on the morning of 30 July 2013.  The course was in generally good condition, but the holes hadn't been changed for a while and grass growing on the sides of some of the holes, making putting quite difficult.  Polly didn't play the course but just walked it, keeping my score.  This is Polly, walking up the short 117 Yard Par 3 2nd hole on another sunny and warm day - though that would change!

The Kippie Lodge course is very short, at only 1525 Yards Par 28 (8 Par 3's and a Par 4 at the 1st), but the greens are tiny and putting was tricky.  I wasn't playing particularly well, as my 34 score with 16 putts would suggest.  The best hole is probably the 214 Yard Par 3 6th, played slightly downhill, as shown here. Since this is a private club, I don't imagine that I'd get to play it again, but I'm grateful to have had the opportunity.


  1. Alan, I'm sure you'll be very welcome back at Kippie again ! Since 2013 the 7th hole has been remodelled to take account of the impending Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route. Basically, the green and the pond have switched places. Also, the green on the 9th has been completely remodelled, making it play a little differently to the old 9th.