Friday, 5 February 2010

Wellsgreen Wee Course - Course no 245

In deciding the format for our challenge, Craig, Stu and I decided that we'd also try to play any course that had its own card, including par 3 courses and those with less than 9 holes.

Wellsgreen is primarily a driving range and restaurant, just outside Kirkcaldy, but it also has a 6 hole par 3 course, all of 740 yards. This looked to be a great beginners course, particularly for young children to enjoy. I played the course on 5 February 2010, after playing at Dunnikier Park and what a fun experience this is. For an inland course in the middle of winter, it was in amazing condition, with well defined fairways and freshly cut true running greens. The driving range was busy for a winter's Friday afternoon but the Wee Course was completely deserted. The holes range from 65 to a healthy 181 yards, so it's a lot more than a pitch and putt course. The greens are also tiny, so par 3s at the 4 holes over 100 yards are far from easy.

I managed to go round in 19, or 1 over par, coming to grief on this, the 3rd hole. 81 yards, with a big pond in front of a tiny, upturned saucer of a green, requiring absolute accuracy. A notice asked that I played off the mat and an easy sand iron was the obvious choice. I'd not allowed for the hardness of the mat, so I didn't get under the ball properly and my low thinned tee shot ended up in the water hazard. An easy 5 though, redeemed only by my long putt for a birdie 2 at the 6th. I thoroughly enjoyed this little course and would happily play it again, ideally on a hot summer's day. Given the superb condition it was in today, it must be quite a course in high season. And I look forward to trying to get under 19 next time!

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